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42113 Wuppertal
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CRS Wuppertal – the unit with a broad range of expertise in clinical trials on metabolic, hematologic and cardiovascular diseases

CRS Wuppertal’s core competence and its major area of operations is the conduct of phase I clinical trials related to metabolic, hematologic, and cardiovascular diseases, coupled with multiple bioanalytical sample preparations.

The staff of CRS Wuppertal is well acquainted in handling clinical trials with complex trial designs, e.g., first-in-human (FiH) trials, first-in-class (FiC) trials, pharmacokinetic (PK) and bioavailability (BA) trials, electrocardiographic (ECG) trials, and multiple-dose studies.

CRS’ staff is also familiar with various types of drug applications, e.g., intravenous, transdermal, oral, inhalative, intranasal, or subcutaneous administration.

Continuous monitoring, comprehensive analysis, and thorough valuation of trial participants’ vital signs and functions are assured by using an arsenal of medical equipment, such as:

  • electrocardiography (ECG),
  • triple ECGs measurement (computerized ECG devices),
  • Holter ECG measurement,
  • telemetry monitoring,
  • impedance monitoring,
  • pulse oximetry (SpO2 monitoring) and lung function test,
  • ophthalmologic measurement methods,
  • HR/RF measurements for 1 minute,
  • Schellong test to detecting orthostatic blood pressure and heart rate changes,
  • Surgicutt and thrombocyte aggregation test are also common assessments.

Perfect infrastructure for parallel trial activities

The CRS Wuppertal clinical research center reaches three floors and an extraordinary roof terrace and allows in-house and outpatient clinical trial activities in parallel without interfering each other. A separate entrance, an automatic access control system, and a complete independent technical infrastructure guarantee for a strict segregation from circumjacent facilities.

CRS-Wuppertal gains a total capacity of overnight beds for in-house clinical trial activities, which are fully equipped with all vital sign monitoring systems. These beds are divided into 8 Rooms – 4 each on floor 3 and floor 4.

Moreover, additional 21 beds for outpatient clinical trial activities are also an integral part of CRS Wuppertal’s clinic. They also are fully equipped for medical examinations and monitoring.

Furthermore, 4 laboratory areas for direct preparations of blood and urine samples are available.

CRS Wuppertal has special expertise and is highly experienced with regard to the conduct of phase I clinical trials. This concerns in particular:

  • first-in-human (FiH) clinical trials, and
  • first-in-class (FiC) clinical trials.

45 intensive care beds for FiH and FiC trials

Owing to the subtle infrastructure, the complex floor plan, and an intelligent access control system in-house and outpatient clinical trial activities can be spatially separated. This allows the simultaneous conduct of several clinical trials without interference. 45 intensive care beds, each equipped with an ECG, SpO2 and vital signs monitoring system, are available for this purpose. Furthermore, CRS-Wuppertal comprises various laboratories for immediate blood and urine processing.

The Medical Director of CRS Wuppertal, Stefanie Boxnick, has worked in clinical research for nearly 10 years. Her expertise and the highly dedicated team of 30 qualified clinic employees contribute to the successful and timely conduct of clinical trials.

Located in the heart of the Bergisch City-Triangle

CRS Wuppertal is located in the heart of the so-called Bergisch City-Triangle including the cities of Wuppertal, Remscheid, and Solingen, close to the Ruhr Area and the Rhineland. Wuppertal has a population of approximately 354,000 people; it is the biggest city and the industrial, financial and cultural centre of the City-Triangle, which counts more than 600,000 people overall.

CRS Wuppertal’s clinical research center is located in the hilly valley in the outskirt of Wuppertal, within the research center of the Bayer AG site in Wuppertal Elberfeld. It is easily accessible for customers and all the more for trial participants from Wuppertal and all surrounding areas.



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CRO Leadership Awards 2019

CRS is proud to be recognised again by pharma companies worldwide as a leading CRO with regard to: capabilities, compatibility, quality and reliability.

European Biotechnology Guide

Find CRS’s company profile in the European Biotechnology Science Industry Guide, volume 9 2019.

EcoVadis – CSR Rating

Based on the CSR rating by EcoVadis in 2022 CRS has been granted Silver Recognition Level.