Vaccination Studies

CRS is a proven expert for strategic planning and efficient execution


CRS is an expert in strategic planning and efficient completion of clinical vaccination trials, targeting a wide range of infectious diseases, including COVID-19, PNEUMONIA, INFLUENZA (FLU), ENCEPHALITIS, RABIES, NICOTINE, HYPERTENSION (anti-angiotensin II), SMALLPOX. We at CRS have performed numerous such clinical trials with many hundreds of healthy volunteers so far.

Vaccination – the great public health success story needs a sequel


Vaccination is one of the greatest success stories in public health history. Vaccination eradicated smallpox and nearly eliminated the wild polio virus. Thanks to the breakthroughs with vaccinations, the number of people who suffer from devastating effects of such infectious diseases as
diphtheria, measles, and whooping cough has reached an all-time low.


However, millions of people still die each year from infectious diseases that could be prevented if effective vaccines were available.

CRS draws on comprehensive experience in the performance of vaccination trials

In addition to efficacy, ensuring that vaccines are as safe as possible is a public health priority. Expectations regarding their safety are high in general and before the competent authorities license a vaccine for broader use, it has to undergo stringent safety tests.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the European Medicines Agency (EMA) provide recommendations for conducting clinical vaccination trials in their “General Principles for the Development of Vaccines to Protect Against Global Infectious Diseases.” However, both agencies note that in an endemic or pandemic situation “it may be possible to conduct challenge studies.”

CRS is your partner for testing vaccines and conducting vaccination trials, whether as a standard clinical trial or as a challenge study during a pandemic.

CRS: your reliable partner for effective recruitment and highest quality standards

A huge database with healthy volunteers and well-characterized patient populations, together with a close collaboration with surrounding primary care physicians offers a quick and effective recruitment for clinical vaccination trials.

Our extensive clinical experience in closely monitoring trial participants, our partnership with a cooperating pharmacy that prepares the vaccine formulation on-site with high quality standards, and our thorough documentation of side effects and injection-site reactions make us your best choice as a partner for the prompt completion of clinical trials with the highest quality standards.


Smallpox is an acute contagious disease, caused by the Variola virus. The eradication of smallpox is one of the greatest success stories of the World Health Organization (WHO). However, there is still need for further research into the virus and better vaccines. CRS is involved in it.


Influenza or flu is an infectious disease caused by the influenza virus. Besides influenza virus type A there are types B, C, and D, all RNA viruses. They all are subdivided into subtypes or serotypes and generate various strains, which may differ in their pathogenicity.


An encephalitis often results from a virus infection. Thus, the Japanese encephalitis (JE) is caused by the Japanese encephalitis virus (JEV). JE is one of the most significant forms of epidemic viral encephalitis and can be prevented by vaccination.


Rabies is caused by an infection with a Lyssavirus. It spreads mainly among animals. Humans can get rabies when they are scratched or bitten by infected animals, which is virtually 100 % fatal. However, rabies can be prevented by vaccination – easily and safely.


Pneumonia is an infection of the lungs that can be caused by a wide variety of bacteria, viruses or fungi. Patients with an acute bacterial pneumonia can be treated with antibiotics. However, pneumonia prevention by immunization with a vaccine is to be preferred.


Smoking cigarettes regularly leads to tobacco dependence and nicotine addiction. To overcome this researchers have focused on finding a vaccine against nicotine. The results clearly confirm immunotherapy as a novel approach for the treatment of nicotine addiction.


Hypertension is a global health issue and can cause illness and death. Although effective antihypertensive treatment is available, the effectiveness is commonly undermined by patients’ poor medication adherence. An active immunization could cure this problem.