Science is our Approach

CRS’s expertise

CRS supports clinical research and accelerates clinical trials by all necessary and reasonable means to foster a rapid and reliable evaluation of new medical treatments. This is our approach, which we are determined to use to expand and improve medical care.

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In fact, by conducting more than 2,000 clinical trials over the last 40 years, CRS has provided strong and decisive support for the development and approval of numerous new drugs and medical devices.

CRS copes well with the ever-increasing scientific and regulatory challenges

Regulatory requirements to demonstrate the safety and efficacy of new treatments are constantly growing all over the world. The complexity of clinical trials required for the approval of new drugs or medical devices is becoming ever more challenging.

Furthermore, there is a constant shift from healthy volunteer studies to more complex patient studies that already begins in the early clinical evaluation process. Since long CRS provides excellent early phase services, e.g., pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic assessments in healthy volunteers.

Recently CRS has extended its early phase services in healthy volunteers to proof of concept studies in patients in particular indications. For this purpose, CRS is continuously expanding the access to distinct patient populations. Within CRS, the implementation and validation of meaningful and reliable medical assays and biomarkers for the pharmacodynamic assessment of new treatments is of outstanding importance.

CRS Group Proof of concept

At CRS, we foster tight-knit partnerships with the scientific community.

CRS clinical research

CRS has an outstanding track record.

collaborations with the scientific community

Beyond running classical clinical trials for the approval of new drugs, CRS maintains close collaborations with opinion leaders and several high-ranking academic institutions to support various basic research projects aimed at identifying molecular signaling pathways for potential therapeutic intervention in specific diseases.

CRS’s outstanding medical scientific expertise is demonstrated by a track record of more than 2,000 successfully completed clinical trials and numerous publications in prominent international scientific trade journals.