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  Services 81%
  ... of the CRS CPUs are located in metropolitan areas (Kiel, Berlin, Wuppertal & Mannheim) in Germany to ensure fast recruitment of patients, symptom bearing or healthy volunteers in order to conduct large scale and long-lasting clinical trials. The service panel of CRS in phase I-II human ...
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  Locations 78%
  ... million inhabitants. Accessibility to several million people is one of the basics for effective recruitment of patients, healthy volunteers or symptom bearing subjects, a prerequisite for the conduct of large scale, long-standing clinical trials and early proof of concept. Locations & Special ...
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  Early Phase I to IIa 72%
  ... variety of subjects for its clients. CRS currently has more than 50,000 volunteers on its books. In addition, it has access to volunteers with symptoms, including allergic, hypertensive and hyperlipidemic subjects. Special panels of genotyped subjects such as poor metabolizers (PM) for a ...
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  Karriere 66%
  ... companies who need our services in order to determine the compatibility and the effectiveness of their new developed products in healthy, symptom bearing volunteers and patients. To get further information on our different locations and service fields, please have a look at section “ ...
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  2000 – 2009 57%
  ... and Venereology (EADV) 2007. 2006 Jakobs R, Hartmann D, Kudis V, Eickhoff A, Schilling D, Weickert U, Siegler KE, Riemann JF. Risk factors for symptomatic stone recurrence after transpapillary laser lithotripsy for difficult bile duct stones using a laser with a stone recognition system. Eur J ... 2004 Schley P, Sause A, Shin DI, Klein RM, Müller M, Ghouzi A, Schemeitat K , Burkhard-Meier C, Gülker H, Horlitz M. Curative therapy in
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