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  News 4 81%
  ... for cardiac safety assesments and provison of a Data Safety Monitoring Board Adaptive trial design to combine pilot & pivotal part in one CTA Solution: Involvement of two clinical sites of CRS to enable simultaneous dosing in small subgroups of max. 4 subjects per day and site Strict ...
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  Partners 78%
  ... 23 plus temporary staff Certification/Accreditation: AMEDON just is working for a new solution to obtain a data protection seal of approval from Schleswig-Holstein's independent centre for ... as well as the EuroPriSe (European Privancy Seal). So AMEDON is able to provide solutions to manage personal data! AMEDON has different opportunities to implement data from devices ... eDiary, etc.) and other systems (for example data from central laboratories) into the EDC-
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  Mannheim 71%
  ... cardiovascular laboratory. GMP-certified facilities for Mannheim are offered in cooperation with a local pharmacy, which prepares sterile solutions in its GMP-certified cleanrooms for the nearby Mannheim University Hospital. The manufacturing licence for CRS-Mannheim (formerly IKP)/Fortuna ...
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  Trial Expertise 67%
  ... via computerised pupillometry. Skin safety & dermal treatment expertise Local and systemic treatment with ointments, gels, film-forming solutions, shampoos, TTS/TDS and occlusive dressings/Finn®Chambers is part of CRS’s expertise. CRS has extensive knowledge in the field of skin-related ...
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  1990 – 1999 66%
  ... revascularization after haemodilution with colloid solutions. BriJ. Anaesthesia 74 (Suppl 2): 37. Abstract 1995 . ... after single dose administration of 25 mg ketoprofen solution as compared to tablets. Methods Find Exp Clin ... administration of tablets as compared to equimolar solutions. Methods Find Exp Clin Pharmacol. 1995 Apr; ... mg supositories as compared to an equimolar aqueous
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  2010-2020 47%
  ... P, Lausecker B, Brudny-Kloeppel M, Smeraglia J, Romero F, Globig S, Golob M, Knutsson M, Herling C, Vieser E, Timmerman P. From challenges to solutions. European Bioanalysis Forum 3rd Annual Open Symposium, Hesperia Towers, Barcelona, Spain, 1-3 December 2010. Bioanalysis. 2011 Apr;3(8):833-8. ...
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