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  Management Board 81%
  ... Founder, Owner and Managing Director of PharmPlanNet Research GmbH 2001 Active officer in the German Naval Reserve ... Since 2006 Partner, President & CEO of CRS Clinical Research Services Andernach GmbH 2008-2010 President of the ... Reserve Since 2013 Managing Director of CRS Clinical Research Services Wuppertal GmbH & CRS Clinical
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  Medical Directors 78%
  ... 1989-1991 Scientific Assistant German Diabetes Research Institute at Heinrich Heine at University | ... University | Mainz 1992-2001 Head of a Clinical Research Lab for Microvascular Research Johannes Gutenberg University | Mainz 1996 Graduation ... Rhineland-Palatinate | Mainz 1999-2001 Clinical
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  Andernach 76%
  Andernach CRS Clinical Research Services Andernach GmbH Rennweg 72 56626 Andernach Germany CRS-Andernach – The Headquarters The CRS Clinical Research Services Andernach GmbH is the headquarters of CRS. The subsidiaries of CRS Andernach are ... and client structure, CRS is one of Europe’s foremost CROs. History The CRS Clinical
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  Home 72%
  ... record is based on more than four decades of experience in clinical research, and the very highest standards of quality and safety. Click  here ... Concept in Patients. CRS is a leading European full-service contract research organisation (CRO). It offers a complete range of high-quality ... record is based on more than four decades of experience in clinical
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  Wuppertal 70%
  Wuppertal CRS Clinical Research Services Wuppertal GmbH Aprather Weg 18a | Gebäude ... district. The clinic is located in the Wuppertal research centre of the Bayer site in Wuppertal Elberfeld on ... & Location CRS-Wuppertal is located in the research centre of the Bayer site in Wuppertal Elberfeld. The ... latest technical and logistical standards of clinical
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  Mailing Campaign (Kopie Home) 70%
  ... & Industry Guide, volume 6 2016. Awarded to CRS in 05/2014 On 07 May 2014 CRS received the Stifterverband's Quality Seal "Innovative Through Research" for its particular engagement in research.
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  Locations 69%
  Locations Based in Germany, in the heart of Europe, CRS runs four research units with more than 200 clinical pharmacological beds. All CRS clinics are based in metropolitan areas. The respective German "Bundesländer" ... and is experienced in complex ECG trial designs as well as FIM. Mannheim CRS Mannheim (100 beds) provides special expertise in respiratory
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  Trainings / Workshops 69%
  ... wird von der Landesärztekammer Baden-Württemberg mit 2 Fortbildungspunkten zertifiziert. Scientific Colloquium Within the context of our research network, CRS is happy to invite you to the upcoming scientific colloquium: Mikrovaskuläre Komplikationen des Diabetes Location | CRS Mannheim ...
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  Consultancy 66%
  ... product development, regulatory liaison activities (e.g. submissions, scientific advice meetings), guidance to support preclinical and clinical research programmes, and GCP training. Our professionals have extensive experience with the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and national European ...
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  Probandenbetreuer 64%
  ... Dann freuen wir uns auf Ihre aussagekräftige Bewerbung (mit möglichem Eintrittstermin) - vorzugsweise per E-Mail im PDF-Format an: CRS Clinical Research Services Mannheim GmbH Personalabteilung Grenadierstr. 1 68167 Mannheim Tel: +49 621 150 45-0 E-Mail: bewerbung(at)crs-group.de
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