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  Andernach 81%
  ... PPN-Mönchengladbach and IKP-Mannheim/Grünstadt.
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  Trial Expertise 77%
  ... trials every year are FIH trials. Given its facilities for online PK evaluation, CRS is able to provide PK data for dose escalation meetings one week after last subject dosed ... trials with NCE, NBE as well as generics to realise first in man, PK, PD and PoC trials. The CPUs are equipped with digital spirometry, ... in several phase I-IV respiratory studies. Pharmacology trials (
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Path: /Expertise/Trial Expertise

  In a Nutshell 74%
  ... Germany with a total bed capacity of 260 beds. This makes CRS to one of the leading European provider of Phase-I services, including standard PK/PD trial designs as well as special fields of expertise in a strictly standardised Phase-I environment. Besides the standard Early Phase ...
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Path: /CRS/In a Nutshell

  Mönchengladbach 72%
  ... large-scale trials such as QTc (more than 150 subjects) and long-term trials (overnight stays up to 46 days) combined with challenging PK and PD schedules. In addition, the unit has special expertise in skin safety testing, cardiovascular related trials and the conduct of studies ...
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Path: /Locations/Mönchengladbach

  Kiel 70%
  ... trials in all standard designs with a focus on patients, this unit is dedicated to small to mid-sized trials in combination with challenging PK and PD. Additionally, the unit has special expertise in trials with renally and hepatically impaired patients in mild to severe stages. ...
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Path: /Locations/Kiel

  Wuppertal 70%
  ... if complex bioanalytical sample preparation is required. The clinic is well experienced in the handling of complex ECG trials designs, e.g. PK designs, bioavailability and multiple-dose studies and is familiar with various types of applications (intraveanously, transdermally, orally or ...
  Size: 32 K - Created: 02-07-13 - Modified: 14-12-18 17:16
Path: /Locations/Wuppertal

  Special Populations 70%
  ... Prostata Hyperplasia: This panel is based on criteria such as testosterone level, bladder and prostate volume, and documented PSA levels for PK & PD trials. Hypogonadism: CRS has experience in recruiting male volunteers with confirmed low testosterone levels to conduct pilot and ...
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Path: /Expertise/Special Populations

  Berlin 69%
  ... with women of childbearing potential and postmenopausal women. This especially covers FIM and long-term outpatient studies with challenging PK/PD designs including a broad spectrum of administration routes (oral, dermal, subcutaneous, intravenous, intravaginal, intrauterine) and early ...
  Size: 33 K - Created: 02-07-13 - Modified: 10-01-19 15:33
Path: /Locations/Berlin

  Partners 64%
  ... staff, access to patients, and the possibility to conduct trials in Clinical Pharmacological Units with Phase I standards to enable complex PK and PD activities. In the following you will find a list of different cooperations between CRS and external service provider.     List of ...
  Size: 43 K - Created: 18-11-12 - Modified: 14-12-18 17:16
Path: /CRS/Partners

  1990 – 1999 61%
  ... T , Eckl KM, Römer A, Peck CC, Dehn A. Terfenadine drug interaction. PK/PD and non-responders. Ulm - Germany: Spring meeting AGAH, ... Thyreocomb N. Therapiewoche 1996 ; 46(3). Timmer W, Kleist P, Ripke H. Lücker PW, Fuder H. Intra- and interindividual response to ... Kolloide. Anaesthesist 44 (Suppl. 1): S. 288. Abstract 1995 . Ri
  Size: 60 K - Created: 18-11-12 - Modified: 14-12-18 17:16
Path: /Expertise/Published Expertise/1990 – 1999