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  Medical Writing 81%
  ... timelines and to crystallise the essential data. They are able to integrate clinical and operational data into concisely written, well structured documents complying with current regulations ... and the Common Technical Document (CTD) and the investigator’s brochures (IB) in close cooperation with scientific and medical experts   Preparing and submitting manuscripts for publication in close co
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Path: /Services/Medical Writing

  Management Board 74%
  ... Various positions in Early Phase e.g. Project Management, Business Development and Operations 2009-2016 PAREXEL International In most recent position served as Global Head Early Phase Operations Area of responsibility: Project Management, Medical Operations, Data Management, Biostatistics, Medical Writing , Business and Project Support 2016-2018 ...
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  Studienarzt (w/m/d) 73%
  ... Studienteilnehmer/Patienten Ärztliche Tätigkeiten im Rahmen der Studiendurchführung Mitbetreuung von nationalen und internationalen Kunden Kooperation mit lokalen Spezialisten und Hausärzten aus der Region sowie dem UKSH Ihr Profil: Abgeschlossenes Studium der Humanmedizin Approbation und ...
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Path: /Karriere/Karriere Kiel/Studienarzt (w/m/d)

  Imprint 69%
  ... devices and the implementation of necessary corrective measures Coordination of internal processes for the fulfilment of reporting and cooperation obligations Coordination of the implementation of corrective actions and recall actions   For further information, questions or comments, ...
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Path: /Contact/Imprint

  Partners 67%
  ... Pharmacological Units with Phase I standards to enable complex PK and PD activities. In the following you will find a list of different cooperations between CRS and external service provider.     List of Academic Partners: Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center ... (Die Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle / The German Accreditation Body), UKAS United Kingdom Accreditation Service. synlab's IT management and
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Path: /CRS/Partners

  Kiel 67%
  ... CRS's smallest and northernmost unit is situated in Kiel, a city known for its famous sailing regatta. CRS Kiel has a history of reliable cooperation spanning more than 16 years with various university departments. This involvement of specialists facilitates diagnostic findings, medical care ...
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  Special Populations 66%
  ... more than 130 trials in special populations such as cirrhosis, renal impairment and diabetes. Recruitment success is based on long-term cooperation with specialists since the early 1990s. The network consists of a large hepatology outpatient department (over 1,000 patients per year), two ...
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Path: /Expertise/Special Populations

  Mannheim 65%
  ... laminar flow hood), six examination rooms, and a central cardiovascular laboratory. GMP-certified facilities for Mannheim are offered in cooperation with a local pharmacy, which prepares sterile solutions in its GMP-certified cleanrooms for the nearby Mannheim University Hospital. The ...
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Path: /Locations/Mannheim

  1990 – 1999 44%
  ... 2): 37. Abstract 1995 . Molter G, Larsen R, Kleinschmitt S, Kalweit G, Baumann-Noß S , Rose S. Immunologische Reaktionen bei Coronar-Bypass-Operationen unter dem Einfluß hyperton-hyperonkotischer Kolloide. Anaesthesist 44 (Suppl. 1): S. 288. Abstract 1995 . Ripke H, Fuder H, Kleist P, Timmer ...
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Path: /Expertise/Published Expertise/1990 – 1999

  2010-2020 41%
  ... Epub 2014 Oct 18. Regina Freunscht, MSc, Norbert Clemens, MD, PhD, CPI The New European Clinical Trial Regulation : Administrative and Operational Changes, DOI 10.14524/CR-14-0030 Hinrichs J, Schaumann F , Renne J, Schönfeld C, Faulenbach C, Winkler C, Gutberlet M, Krug N, Wacker F, ...
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Path: /Expertise/Published Expertise/2010-2020