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  Laborkoordinator 100%
  Laborkoordinator CRS. Experts. Early Phase. Wir sind eines der größten ... Berlin suchen wir zur Unterstützung unseres Studienteams zum nächstmöglichen Zeitpunkt eine Laborkoordinator (w/m) in Teilzeit (ca. 20 Wochenstunden) Ihre Aufgaben: Mitarbeit bei der ... vorzugsweise per E-Mail im PDF-Format an: CRS Clinical Research Services Mannheim GmbH Persona
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  Partners 87%
  Partners The collaboration with diverse institutions, universities and ... – Suppliers, Partnerships & Strategic Alliances Laboratorium für Klinische Forschung GmbH www.lkf-kiel.de Services Local safety lab provide & central lab services in multicentre trials coordinated by the ... for the competence of testing and calibration
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  Kiel 76%
  ... are hospitalised in the same room. In addition, the unit contains a laboratory for blood and urine processing and two examination rooms. The ... in the area of Kiel University Hospital and cooperates with LKF (Laboratorium für Klinische Forschung GmbH). CRS-Kiel operates to GLP standards and has successfully passed several GCP inspections. Dr. Atef Ha
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  Wuppertal 76%
  ... the handling of complex ECG trials designs, e.g. PK designs, bioavailability and multiple-dose studies and is familiar with various types of ... ECG device and an EDC system whereas 9 additional beds are available for standard monitoring in an ambulatory setting. Besides, there ... function tests and for ophthalmologic examinations. Furthermore, 4
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  1981 – 1989 76%
  ... Eur J Clin Pharmacol 1989 ; 36: Suppl.: A 336. Halabi A , Linde M, Zeidler H, König J, Kirch W. ... Cardiovascular Drugs and Therapy 1989 ; 3: 441-443. Halabi A , Zurborn KH, Kaiser P, Proppe D, Kirch W. ... 1989. Europ J Clin Invest 19: A44, 242; 1989 . Halabi I, Gebühr U, Nokhodian A, Linde M, Ha
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Path: /Expertise/Published Expertise/1981 – 1989

  1990 – 1999 75%
  ... Pharmacogenetics 1999 ; 9:661-668. Dingemanse J, Halabi A , Kleinbloesem CH, Heinig R, Blume H. ... Stucki M, Schnorf J, Hustinx H, Gerber H, Lerch PG, Halabi A , Kleinbloesem CH, Morell A. Anti-D immunoglobin ... M., Wetzelsberger, N., Lücker, P.W.  Relative Bioavailability of Ketoprofen After Single Oral Doses. Poster, ... Wetzelsberger N. Pharmacokinetics and relative bioavai
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  Mannheim 74%
  ... with up to 200 subjects per day over several weeks. Three large laboratories are equipped for infusion studies and several functional labs are situated within the various wards. Two 8-bed rooms are equipped ... of parallel trial activities. The unit also contains relevant laboratories (blood and urine processing, laminar flow hood), six examination rooms, and a central cardiovascular
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  Consultancy 74%
  Consultancy CRS experts provide integrated services to support biopharmaceutical and medical device companies. We collaborate with regulatory experts to develop innovative and customised strategic programmes for clients focusing on regulatory milestones and ...
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  Trial Expertise 74%
  ... on specific study requirements and based on the availability of pre-clinical and clinical data on the ... BE) CRS has 38 years’ experience in conducting bioavailability trials. It has accomplised hundreds of ... tested by CRS. CRS works together with an analytical lab in the Netherlands specialising in detailed analyses ... to ICH E14. CRS has cooperated with all relevant core
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Path: /Expertise/Trial Expertise

  2010-2019 73%
  2010-2019 2019 Boof ML, Halabi A , Ufer M, Dingemanse J. Impact of the organic ... Chattopadhyay N, Riecke K, Ligges S, Zimmermann T, Halabi A , Schultze-Mosgau MH. Effect of hepatic impairment on the pharmacokinetics of vilaprisan: An open-label, single-dose, parallel-group study. Br J Clin ... Heinig R, Lambelet M, Nagelschmitz J, Alatrach A , Ha
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Path: /Expertise/Published Expertise/2010-2019