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  Pharmacodynamic Expertise 81%
  ... in atopic dermatitis (ADASI-Score) Hyperfused area skin surface Psoriasis Skin Severity Index (PASI) Overall Lesion Severity (OLS) Irritation, sensitisation of topicals & transdermal application systems Phototox/Photo allergenicity Repeat open application and irriation test Washing ...
  Size: 34 K - Created: 18-11-12 - Modified: 02-08-19 10:27
Path: /Expertise/Pharmacodynamic Expertise

  Trial Expertise 77%
  ... TTS/TDS, bioavailability and bioequivalence, topical bioavailability; skin-blanching assay, skin properties (pH, fat and water content), skin irritation and skin sensitisation, and photosensistion and phototoxicity. Since 2007, CRS has conducted 23 dermal-related clinical trials with more than ...
  Size: 35 K - Created: 18-11-12 - Modified: 02-08-19 10:27
Path: /Expertise/Trial Expertise