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  In a Nutshell 81%
  ... 85 years and over) Women of childbearing potential / postmenopausal Allergies Renal & hepatic impairment Cardiovascular Diabetes Asthma & COPD Inflammatory diseases
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  2010-2020 64%
  ... N. Krug, J.M. Hohlfeld, Inter- and intrasubject variability of the inflammatory response to segmental endotoxin challenge in healthy volunteers, ... a Challenge Model for Early Clinical Drug Development of Novel Anti-Inflammatory Compounds Am J Respir Crit Care Med Volume 85, Meeting Abstracts; ... A , Kluschina O, Obreja O, Schley M, Schmelz M. NGF induces non-
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  2000 – 2009 56%
  ... Wiese K, Schaumann F , Schmiedl A, Nassenstein C, Krug N, Hohlfeld JM. Therapeutic surfactants modulate the viability of eosinophils and induce inflammatory mediator release Int Arch Allergy Immunol 2009; Epub 2009 Mar 17. Feuring M, Ruf A, Schultz A , Wehling M. Blood group-dependent inhibition of ...
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