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  CTSM & GMP 81%
  ... EudraLex – Vol. 4, PharmBetrV, and EU Clinical Trials Directive 2001/20/EC). Trial medication handling and storage As a unique feature, our facility in Mönchengladbach has been licensed since 2004 and is in possession of an almost unrestricted manufacturing license in accordance with GMP ... of the clinical sites. This enables preparation and immediate drug administration especially of drugs with a short stability range. Our
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Path: /Services/CTSM & GMP

  Mannheim 73%
  ... Trial Supply Management (CTSM) are also located at our premises in Mannheim. Infrastructure & Location CRS-Mannheim is the largest Phase I facility of CRS. The building has been converted to meet the requirements of clinical trials. With floor space of 3,500 square metres, the building is ...
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Path: /Locations/Mannheim