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  CDM & STAT 81%
  ... highly qualified and motivated team has more than three decades of experience in services related to submitting clients’ drugs for regulatory ... continuously high-quality data. Thanks to its flexibility and experience, CRS can work to clients’ specific SOPs, its own SOPs, or a ... control of clinical trial data. Our Data Management has extensive
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  Locations 80%
  ... of Expertise Kiel CRS Kiel (25 beds) is located in close proximity to the University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein (UKSH). CRS Kiel has excellent experience in the conduct of patient trials in renal & hepatic impairment. Berlin CRS Berlin (35 beds) has outstanding expertise in clinical trials ... including gynaecological examinations on-site. Wuppertal CRS Wuppertal (45 beds) has a focus on metabolic & cardiovascular diseases and is
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  Info-Point 79%
  ... material CRS employs highly educated staff and real experts in their respective fields. Below you can find various ressources on the experience and expertise as well as presentations from CRS's team for your information. From our flyers you can also learn in which service fields CRS ... Awards 2019 Press release Management Buy-Out at CRS Pressemitteilung Management Buy-Out bei der CRS Flyers Flyer CRS - Four Decades Of
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  Consultancy 77%
  ... advice meetings), guidance to support preclinical and clinical research programmes, and GCP training. Our professionals have extensive experience with the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and national European regulators as well as the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA). CRS's services ...
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  Wuppertal 77%
  ... 429 42113 Wuppertal Germany +49 202 281 52 - 0 CRS Wuppertal – The CPU with a broad range of experience in CVD trials CRS Wuppertal is located in the heart of Bergisch Triangle Remscheid, Solingen ... diseases, even if complex bioanalytical sample preparation is required. The clinic is well experienced in the handling of complex ECG trials designs, e.g. PK designs, bioavailability and ...
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  Home 76%
  Home Are you looking for a reliable partner to conduct your clinical trials? CRS's excellent track record is based on more than four decades of experience in clinical research, and the very highest standards of quality and safety. Click  here to see our latest Press Release. Services CRS. ... and flexibility, and its ability to meet the very highest expectations. CRS's excellent track record is based on more than four decades of
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  Special Populations 76%
  ... below by way of example. Special Healthy Populations Senior citizens: CRS has plenty of experience in the recruitment of elderly volunteers and its panel is regularly updated. For one ... access to diabetic patients who have been successfully recruited for trials. CRS-Mannheim has experience of glucose clamp trials.  Male Fertile Subjects : CRS has carried out several fertility ... and prostate volume, and documented PSA levels for PK & PD trials. Hypogonadism: CRS has
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  Trial Expertise 75%
  ... and Medical Writing.  A list of our standard trial experience is stated below together with some explaining ... Inhalation studies (COPD/asthma) CRS has extensive experience in conducting trials in respiratory research. Our ... and ergospirometry. Our staff with a broad clinical experience has been involved in several phase I-IV respiratory ... PD, dose-range finding, BA & BE) CRS has 38 years’
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  Mailing Campaign (Kopie Home) 74%
  Mailing Campaign (Kopie Home) Why CRS? Customer satisfaction - high ranking in CRO benchmarking Long-standing experience - 38 years of successful track record Full-service - from protocol development to clinical study report Excellence in BE-scpecific challenges ...
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  Contact 72%
  ... clinical team. The department has a strong commercial and academic (medicine and life sciences) background including clinical and pre-clinical experience, which enables support regarding technical, scientific and also financial aspects in the early stages of the study request process. The BD team ...
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