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  Wuppertal 81%
  ... clinic is well experienced in the handling of complex ECG trials designs, e.g. PK designs, bioavailability and ... orally or subcutaneously). Computerized ECG devices and an EDC system impedance monitors with SpO2 monitoring, ECG, Triple ECG's, RF measurements for 1 minute, telemetry ... intensive care unit 12 beds can be monitored via an
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  Locations 71%
  ... examinations on-site. Wuppertal CRS Wuppertal (45 beds) has a focus on metabolic & cardiovascular diseases and is experienced in complex ECG trial designs as well as FIM. Mannheim CRS Mannheim (100 beds) provides special expertise in respiratory research and in challenging trial ...
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  Berlin 69%
  ... be spatially separated allowing the simultaneous conduct of several studies without interference. 20 intensive care beds, each equipped with an ECG, SpO 2 and vital signs monitoring system, a computerized ECG device and an EDC system, as well as 6 convenient double rooms are available for this purpose. Furthermore, CRS-Berlin comprises several ...
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  Trial Expertise 68%
  ... 3–5 trials annually are cardiac safety trials. In some cases CRS cooperates with a central ECG provider, CRS’s preferred partner being eResearch Technology (eRT). Infusion/injection ... QTc/cardiac safety CRS has conducted 19 trials with cardiac safety monitoring and central ECG evaluation. Twelve of these studies have been TQT trials pursuant to ICH E14. CRS has ... trials without external physical or mental disturbance that might cause inconsistencies in
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  2010-2020 53%
  ... (NEPA), a cancer supportive care antiemetic, on the ECG of healthy subjects: an ICH E14 thorough QT trial. ... S , Timmer W. A randomized, controlled, thorough ECG trial to investigate the effects of netupitant and palonosetron (NEPA) combinations on ECG of healthy volunteers. MASCC poster 2013 Spinelli T, ... (novel combination of netupitant and palonosetron) on
  Size: 71 K - Created: 09-11-15 - Modified: 08-07-20 10:17
Path: /Expertise/Published Expertise/2010-2020