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  Andernach 81%
  Andernach CRS Clinical Research Services Andernach GmbH Rennweg 72 56626 Andernach Germany +49 2632 3079 207 CRS-Andernach – The Headquarters The CRS Clinical Research Services Andernach GmbH is the headquarters of CRS. The subsidiaries of CRS-Andernach are running under a valid control agreement and a profit/loss transfer agreement. Further information
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  Info-Point 76%
  Info-Point Public information material CRS employs highly educated staff and real experts in ... and expertise as well as presentations from CRS's team for your information. From our flyers you can also learn in which service fields CRS can be of benefit for you. Please respect the ... not publish any material without prior agreement by
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  Home 75%
  ... a reliable partner to conduct your clinical trials? CRS's excellent track record is based on four decades of ... here to see our latest Press Release. Services CRS is a leading European full-service contract research ... and alimentary supplementation. The key factors in CRS's success are its rigorous client focus, its valued ... its ability to meet the very highest expectations.
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  Disclaimer 74%
  Disclaimer Disclaimer: CRS-Andernach maintains this website for CRS to provide information about services of CRS and to enhance public access on information about its ... goal is to keep this information timely and accurate. CRS makes every effort to keep the information on our Web ... whatsoever for the content provided. Nevertheless,
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  Mailing Campaign (Kopie Home) 73%
  Mailing Campaign (Kopie Home) Why CRS? Customer satisfaction - high ranking in CRO ... Based on the CSR rating by EcoVadis in July 2016 CRS has been granted a Silver Recognition Level. CRO Leadership Awards 2016 CRS is proud to be recognised by pharma companies ... more information. European Biotechnology Guide Find
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  Management Board 73%
  ... Board Dr. Torben Thomsen Partner, President & CEO  CRS Andernach Curriculum Vitae | Dr. Torben Thomsen ... Ethics, MAE Since 2006 Partner, President & CEO of CRS Clinical Research Services Andernach GmbH 2008-2010 ... German Naval Reserve Since 2013 Managing Director of CRS Clinical Research Services Wuppertal GmbH &
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  Trial Expertise 72%
  Trial Expertise CRS is offering all clinical trials typically related to ... from First in Human to Proof of Concept. Per year, CRS is handling round about 100 trials, 85% of these ... Given its facilities for online PK evaluation, CRS is able to provide PK data for dose escalation ... annually are cardiac safety trials. In some cases
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  Medizinische Aushilfen (w/m) 71%
  ... Bewerbung (mit möglichem Eintrittstermin) vorzugsweise per E-Mail im PDF-Format an: CRS Clinical Research Services Mannheim GmbH Personalabteilung Grenadierstraße 1 68167 Mannheim E-Mail: bewerbung(at)crs-group.de | astrid.schneider(at)crs-group.de
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  In a Nutshell 71%
  ... Reliable Partner In Early Phase Company Background CRS was established in 2006 as a merger of three German ... of experience in clinical pharmacology. As of today, CRS comprises 5 Clinical Pharmacology Units (CPUs) in Germany with a total bed capacity of 275 beds. This makes CRS to one of the leading European provider of Phase-I ... studies in healthy volunteers, a substantial part of
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  Expertise 71%
  Expertise In its history spanning more than three decades, CRS has developed particular expertise in the recruitment of challenging populations in terms of ... Together with its strict Phase I standardised environment and internal QA and QC procedures, CRS is able to handle multi-centre settings within
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