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  Locations 81%
  Locations Based in Germany, in the heart of Europe, CRS runs four research units with more than 200 clinical pharmacological beds. All CRS clinics are based in metropolitan areas. The respective German "Bundesländer" (Federal States) represent ca. 35 million inhabitants. Accessibility to ...
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  Medical Directors 79%
  ... 1991-1993 Assistant Physician Clinic for Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine University Clinics “Saarland” Homburg/Saar 1993 Board certified in Anaesthesiology 1993-1997 Senior Physician Clinic for Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine University Clinics “Saarland” Homburg/Saar 1997-1999 Anaesthesiological group practice in Ludwigshafen 1999-2007 ... Hattingen 2003-2009 Parental leave 2009-2011 Assistant Physician Helios Paediatric
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  Kiel 73%
  ... is the managing director of CRS-Kiel. History In 1992, the unit in Kiel was founded as a private research centre in collaboration with the Clinics for Internal Medicine at Kiel University Hospital. It was made an independent CRO in 1994. Since then, CRS’s Kiel unit has offered all types of ...
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  Special Populations 73%
  ... COPD/Asthma: Over 25 inhalation studies have been carried out since 2005, most of them with COPD and asthma patients.  Diabetic patients: CRS clinics have access to diabetic patients who have been successfully recruited for trials. CRS-Mannheim has experience of glucose clamp trials.  Male ...
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  Mannheim 71%
  ... 1 68167 Mannheim Germany +49 621 150 45 - 0 CRS Mannheim – The Largest Phase I/II Clinic CRS Mannheim is the largest of all CRS's clinics and is located in the metropolitan area of Mannheim-Heidelberg, half an hour south of Frankfurt. For decades, the clinic building once housed ...
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