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  Medical Writing 81%
  ... and non-regulatory documents is required during clinical trials. The success of drug approval hinges on the ... for the draw up, coordination and documentation of clinical trials in a scientifically accurate way. Thanks to ... the essential data. They are able to integrate clinical and operational data into concisely written, well ... The bottom line is that CRS makes sponsors'
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  Medical Directors 78%
  ... Gutenberg University | Mainz 1992-2001 Head of a Clinical Research Lab for Microvascular Research Johannes ... Association Rhineland-Palatinate | Mainz 1999-2001 Clinical Research Physician Eli Lilly | Bad Homburg & Indianapolis (USA) 2001-2013 CEO & Medical Director Institute for Clinical Research and Development | Mainz 2006 Recognition as ... | Neuss & Mainz 2018 Senior Medical Advisor CRS
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  Consultancy 78%
  ... for clients focusing on regulatory milestones and clinical development planning and execution. CRS provides ... scientific advice meetings), guidance to support preclinical and clinical research programmes, and GCP training. Our ... (FDA). CRS's services include: Setting up clinical study protocols and
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  Services 78%
  Services CRS is a CRO with more than 200 clinical pharmacological beds. All of the CRS CPUs are ... in order to conduct large scale and long-lasting clinical trials. The service panel of CRS in phase I-II human ... The in-house modular services Consultancy, Clinical Data Management (CDM), Medical Writing and
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  Management Board 77%
  ... Thomsen 1977-1983 Studies of medicine  1984-1987 Clinical Investigator at Beecham-Wülfing  1990 Board certified specialist in clinical pharmacology 1991 Director CNS Working Group, ... MAE Since 2006 Partner, President & CEO of CRS Clinical Research Services Andernach GmbH 2008-2010 President ... Naval Reserve Since 2013 Managing Director of CRS
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  Andernach 75%
  Andernach CRS Clinical Research Services Andernach GmbH Rennweg 72 56626 Andernach Germany CRS-Andernach – The Headquarters The CRS Clinical Research Services Andernach GmbH is the headquarters of CRS. The ... CRS has the long-standing expertise necessary to carry out clinical trials. Its balanced portfolio of clients from the pharmaceutical ... structure, CRS is one of Europe’s foremost CROs. History The CRS
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  Exhibition /Conference 72%
  ... Events CRS' scientists participate in scientific and clinical meetings and support the following conferences. To ... as delegate, speaker or board member 4th Annual Clinical Trials and Translation Summit (CTS) Event date: 02 ... 09 NOV Venue: Köln, Germany Visit us at booth no. tbd Clinical Trials Excellence Forum Event date: 12 OCT – 14 OCT ... Germany Visit us at booth no. tbd Arena - Outsourcing
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  Mannheim 72%
  Mannheim CRS Clinical Research Services Mannheim GmbH Grenadierstrasse 1 ... and surveillance. Activities of this unit include clinical pharmacology trials in all standard designs. This ... has special expertise including consultancy in early clinical development. Supporting services like Clinical Data Management (CDM), Medical Writing, Quality Assurance and
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  Quality 72%
  ... the design, performance, recording and reporting of clinical trials (ICH guidelines); assisting functional ... of all SOPs,  Performing internal audits of clinical trials (site audits and in-house audits); performing audits during clinical studies according to GCP & GMP and the respective ... Conducting system audits in-house and at external
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  In a Nutshell 71%
  ... CROs having more than 40 years of experience in clinical pharmacology. As of today, CRS comprises 4 Clinical Pharmacology Units (CPUs) in Germany with a total bed ... Service Portfolio Consultancy Project Management Clinical Conduct Monitoring Quality Assurance Clinical Trial Supply Management Laboratory / Bioanalytical Services by external partners
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