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  CDM & STAT 100%
  CDM & STAT The Data Management & Biometrics Department provides all the services necessary to handle the data of clinical studies and treatment ...
  Size: 31 K - Created: 18-11-12 - Modified: 02-08-19 10:27
Path: /Services/CDM & STAT

  Quality 89%
  ... every stage of data-handling in all departments. It covers all essential procedures such as Clinical Realisation , Clinical Data Management (CDM) and Medical Writing .  Example: Study data are a part of multiple quality control reviews, which means that each CRF (case report form) file is thoroughly checked by the QC team to ensure the accuracy, consistency and protocol adherence of the data prior to release to
  Size: 31 K - Created: 18-11-12 - Modified: 02-08-19 10:27
Path: /Services/Quality

  Services 89%
  ... patient trials and specialties like QTc and renal/hepatic insufficiency. The in-house modular services Consultancy, Clinical Data Management (CDM), Medical Writing and Clinical Trial Supply Management (CTSM) support the clinical conduct according to the client’s individual needs. Over the ...
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Path: /Services

  Mannheim 77%
  ... the unit has special expertise including consultancy in early clinical development. Supporting services like Clinical Data Management (CDM), Medical Writing, Quality Assurance and Clinical Trial Supply Management (CTSM) are also located at our premises in Mannheim. Infrastructure & ...
  Size: 32 K - Created: 18-11-12 - Modified: 19-03-20 15:42
Path: /Locations/Mannheim

  Trial Expertise 73%
  ... year, CRS is handling round about 100 trials, 85% of these trials are Phase I and ca. 90% of these trials comprise modular services, such as CDM and Medical Writing.  A list of our standard trial experience is stated below together with some explaining comments: First-in-human (FIH) ...
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Path: /Expertise/Trial Expertise