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  News 4 81%
  ... 2011 until May 2012. CRS put lot of effort in the management of diverse groups of experts, cardiologists, oncologists to ensure that logistical processes run as smoothly as possible. ... immediately prior to dosing under GMP conditions Integration of external specialists (cardiologists) for cardiac safety assesments and provison of a Data Safety Monitoring Board Adaptive ... and site Strict standardisation of the working procedures and copperation with two external
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  Locations 76%
  ... trials concerning women's health including gynaecological examinations on-site. Wuppertal The CPU with 45 beds has a focus on metabolic & cardiovascular diseases and is experienced in complex ECG trial designs. Mönchengladbach The CPU with 54 beds is specialised in trials regarding men's & women's health, skin safety,
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  Expertise 75%
  ... follow-up activities (e.g. long-term examination up to two years), long hospitalisation periods up to 53 days and clinical assessments (e.g. cardiovascular, respiratory, dermatology and women's and men's health). Together with its strict Phase I standardised environment and internal QA and ...
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  Pharmacodynamic Expertise 74%
  ... of diverse biological markers in various areas including Hormones, Cardiovascular, CNS, Immunology, Lipids, Hemostasis and Haematology. A ... For further information, please feel free to contact CRS directly. Cardiovascular / Angiology Non-invasive Impedance cardiography Vascular ultrasound diagnostics including Flow mediated ... monitoring 24 hour holter monitoring Blood coagulation (Hemochron ®)
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  1981 – 1989 68%
  ... of oxaprozin with metoprolol in hypertensives. Cardiovascular Drugs and Therapy 1989 ; 3: 441-443. Halabi A ... 1987 Darius H, Thomsen T , Schrör K. Cardiovascular actions in vitro and cardioprotective effects in vivo of nileprost, a mixed type PGI 2 /PGE 2 agonist. J Cardiovasc Pharmacol 1987 ; 10:144-152. Kirch W, Halabi A , ... Iloprost (ZK 36374) a Novel Prostacyclin Analogue in
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  In a Nutshell 67%
  ... & female Different age groups (incl. 85 years and over) Women of childbearing potential / postmenopausal Allergies Renal & hepatic impairment Cardiovascular Diabetes Asthma & COPD Inflammatory diseases
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  Mönchengladbach 64%
  ... stays up to 46 days) combined with challenging PK and PD schedules. In addition, the unit has special expertise in skin safety testing, cardiovascular related trials and the conduct of studies with pre- and postmenopausal women as well as in FIM. Infrastructure & Location The unit is ...
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  Wuppertal 63%
  ... and customers from Wuppertal and outside. The main working field of CRS-Wuppertal is the performance of phase-I trials related to metabolic & cardiovascular diseases, even if complex bioanalytical sample preparation is required. The clinic is well experienced in the handling of complex ECG ...
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  Berlin 62%
  ... to more grouped treatment schedules. In addition, CRS-Berlin has gained significant expertise in implementing human pharmacological trials with cardiovascular drugs, contrast agents and specialised therapeutics in all common designs. Thus, CRS-Berlin can realize a wide range of study types ...
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  Mannheim 61%
  ... activities. The unit also contains relevant laboratories (blood and urine processing, laminar flow hood), six examination rooms, and a central cardiovascular laboratory. GMP-certified facilities for Mannheim are offered in cooperation with a local pharmacy, which prepares sterile solutions in ...
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