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  In a Nutshell 81%
  ... 40 years of experience in clinical pharmacology. As of today, CRS comprises 4 Clinical Pharmacology Units (CPUs) in Germany with a total bed capacity of more than 200 beds. This makes CRS to one of the leading European provider of Phase-I services, including standard PK/PD trial designs as ...
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Path: /CRS/In a Nutshell

  Wuppertal 76%
  ... technical infrastructure guarantees for a strict segregation from the circumjacent Bayer facilities. CRS-Wuppertal gains a total bed capacity of 24 overnight beds equipped with vital sign monitoring systems. In an intensive care unit 12 beds can be monitored via an ECG, SpO2 and vital ...
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Path: /Locations/Wuppertal

  2000 – 2009 56%
  ... Gutfleisch A, Ganschow A, Richter E, Eichler H, Dempfle CE, Tillmann HC, Schultz A , Wehling M. Impact of plasmapheresis on platelet hemostatic capacity in healthy voluntary blood donors detected by the platelet function analyzer PFA-100. Platelets 2001; 12: 236-40. Junge W, Wilke B, Halabi A , ...
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Path: /Expertise/Published Expertise/2000 – 2009