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  News 4 81%
  ... diverse groups of experts, cardiologists, oncologists to ensure that logistical processes run as smoothly as possible. Assumptions: Monoclonal antibody (mAB) for an oncological treatment Known critical cardiac safety profile according to the SMPC Clinical conduct in 6 months with more than 100 ...
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  2000 – 2009 60%
  ... Human Pharmacology] (AGAH e.V.), April 17-19, 2008, Weimar. 2007 De Bruijn I,  Meyer I , Gereza L,  Nautaa J,  Giezemana K, Palachea B 2007. Antibody induction by virosomal, MF59-adjuvanted, or conventional influenza vaccines in the elderly, Vaccine, Volume 26, Issue 1, 21 December 2007, ... 26-29, 2004. Burkhardt U, Zahn R, Hoffler U, Siegler KE, Frilling B, Weber M, Gottwik M, Wehr M, Seidel F, Rosocha S, Tebbe U, Senges J.
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  2010-2020 58%
  ... S, Schwers S, Schiffer S, Unger S, Yassen A, Boxnick S . BAY 1213790, a fully human IgG1 antibody targeting coagulation factor XIa: First evaluation of safety, pharmacodynamics, and ... S, Hoffmann A, Gashaw I, Zollmann F, Berse M , Höchel J, Krätzschmar J, Rohde B. Monoclonal Antibody Against Prolactin Receptor: A Randomized Placebo-Controlled Study Evaluating Safety, ... S, Hoffmann A, Gashaw I, Zollmann F, Berse M , Höchel J, Krätzschmar J, Rohde B. Monoclonal
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