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  Early Phase I to IIa 81%
  ... for its clients. CRS currently has more than 50,000 volunteers on its books. In addition, it has access to volunteers with symptoms, including allergic, hypertensive and hyperlipidemic subjects. Special panels of genotyped subjects such as poor metabolizers (PM) for a certain cytochrome ...
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Path: /Services/Early Phase I to IIa

  2010-2020 71%
  ... H, Krug N. Effects of ultrafine particles on the allergic inflammation in the lung of asthmatics: results of a ... By Magnetic Resonance Imaging In Patients With Mild Allergic Asthma Following Segmental Allergen Challenge Am J ... Alternative Activation of Macrophages During the Allergic Airway Inflammation Alters Antigen Presenting ... increases anandamide in bronchoalveolar fluid of with
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  2000 – 2009 66%
  ... Müller M, Braun A, Luettig B, Peden DB, Hohlfeld JM, Krug N. Endotoxin augments myeloid dendritic cell influx into the airways in patients with allergic asthma Am J Respir Crit Care Med. 2008 Jun 15;.Epub 2008 Apr 3. PubMed PMID: 18388357 Fauteck JD, Ackermann G, Birkel M, Breuer M, Moor AC, ... Tran BM, Losel R, Schmidt BM, Hormann K, Wehling M, Schultz A . Delayed genomic and acute nongenomic action of glucocorticosteroids in seasonal
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