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  Pharmacodynamic Expertise 81%
  ... Skin Severity Index (PASI) Overall Lesion Severity (OLS) Irritation, sensitisation of topicals & transdermal application systems Phototox/Photo allergenicity Repeat open application and irriation test Washing test Disease severity scoring Quality of life assessments Tewameter Corneometer ... Renal tubular function (lithium clearance) Osmolality Respiratory function tests Spirometry (FEV, PEV, PEFT) including reversibility testing
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  2010-2017 76%
  ... of mild systemic hemodynamic response after segmental allergen challenge in asthmatic patients. Acad Radiol. 2014 ... O, Schaumann F , Hohlfeld JM. Impact of endobronchial allergen provocation on macrophage phenotype in asthmatics. ... of pulmonary inflammation after segmental allergen challenge using turbo-inversion recovery-magnitude ... With Mild Allergic Asthma Following Segmental
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  1990 – 1999 54%
  ... 1996 ; 353(Suppl.):R 146. Thomsen T , Eckl KM, Möller M , Drachenberg J. Keine Sensibilisierung durch multiple Dosen von modifiziertem Allergen (Allergoid) bei gesunden Probanden. Allergo J 1996 ; 5:P33. Thomsen T , Eckl KM, Möller M , Hucke HP. Noninvasive continuous blood pressure ...
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