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  Medical Directors 81%
  ... Mönchengladbach Curriculum Vitae | Dr. Frank Schaumann 1993-2000 Studies of medicine, University of Münster 2000-2001 Resident Department for Toxicology and Environmental Medicine, Federal Institute for Public Health Service, Bielefeld 2001-2002 Resident and Medical Scientific Employee, Sports ... of Münster 2010 Board certified Medical Specialist in Clinical Pharmacology 2002-2012 Clinical Investigator, Fraunhofer Institute for
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  1981 – 1989 67%
  ... G, Köster FE, Nix N, Sourgens H, Thomsen T . A study to test the effect of diproteverine on the thyroid in normal volunteers. The British Toxicology Society. 1988 . Halabi A . Der Einfluss von Famotidin auf die Pharmakokinetik von Nifedipin und auf nicht-invasive hämodynamische Parameter. ...
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  2010-2018 66%
  ... of smokers switched from conventional to reduced toxicant prototype cigarettes.  Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology 03/2013. Janssen O, Schaumann F , Holz O, Lavae-Mokhtari B, Welker L, ... of smokers switched from conventional to reduced toxicant prototype cigarettes”.  Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology 01/2013; 67(3):536 2012 Lillin-de Vries O, De Kam P-J, Van Kuijk J, Post T, ...
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