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  CTSM & GMP 81%
  ... is cooperating with the pharmacy of the University Hospital Kiel . All in-house or partner based manufacturing licenses allow manufacturing of sterile products (e.g. large volume liquids, semi-solids, small volume liquids, aseptically prepared or terminally sterilised), non-sterile products (e.g. capsules, liquids, other solid or semi-solid dosage forms). A copy of manufacturing licenses can be sent to sponsor, if ...
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Path: /Services/CTSM & GMP

  Mannheim 72%
  ... and a central cardiovascular laboratory. GMP-certified facilities for Mannheim are offered in cooperation with a local pharmacy, which prepares sterile solutions in its GMP-certified cleanrooms for the nearby Mannheim University Hospital. The manufacturing licence for CRS-Mannheim (formerly ...
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