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  Pharmacodynamic Expertise 81%
  ... isolate for toxicity measurements Renal function assessment Renal plasma flow rate Glomerular filtration flow rate Urinary output Free water clearance Urinary sodium excretion Renal tubular function (lithium clearance) Osmolality Respiratory function tests Spirometry (FEV, PEV, PEFT) including reversibility testing Allergen challenge Skin prick test ...
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  2000 – 2009 66%
  ... of reference intervals for serum creatinine, creatinine excretion and creatinine clearance with an enzymatic and a modified Jaffe method. Clin Chim Acta 2004; 344(1-2):137-148. Losel ... 2001; 12: 236-40. Junge W, Wilke B, Halabi A , Klein G. Creatinine excretion and creatinine clearance: determination of reference intervals using a specific enymatic and a modified Jaffé method. ... and an aqueous extract from Cydonia Oblonga (Fructus) on the intranasal mucociliary
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  1990 – 1999 54%
  ... Stucki M, Schnorf J, Hustinx H, Gerber H, Lerch PG, Halabi A , Kleinbloesem CH, Morell A. Anti-D immunoglobin in Rh(D) negative volunteers: clearance of Rh(D) positive red cells and kinetics of serum anti-D levels Transfus Clin Biol 1998 ; 5: 180 – 188. 1997 Bogner JR, Boerner D, Muhlhofer A, ...
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