CRS Clinical Research Services Kiel GmbH

Lornsenstrasse 7
24105 Kiel
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CRS Kiel – The Specialised Patient Clinic

CRS's smallest and northernmost unit is situated in Kiel, a city known for its famous sailing regatta. CRS Kiel has a history of reliable cooperation spanning more than 16 years with various university departments. This involvement of specialists facilitates diagnostic findings, medical care and the recruitment of complex patient populations. More than 90% of CRS Kiel's clinical trials deal with patients. The unit is one of the top recruiters worldwide for patients suffering from hepatic and renal insufficiency.

Conducting human pharmacology trials in all standard designs with a focus on patients, this unit is dedicated to small to mid-sized trials in combination with challenging PK and PD. Additionally, the unit has special expertise in trials with renally and hepatically impaired patients in mild to severe stages.

Infrastructure & Location

The mid-sized building (300 square metres) is directly adjacent to Kiel University Hospital. The unit’s size and design provide a welcoming environment for the attendance of special inpatient populations. The unit is equipped with a telemetric monitoring system which enables the observation of the entire clinic. Although the maximum size of the rooms is restricted to four beds, in most trials only one or two study participants are hospitalised in the same room. In addition, the unit contains a laboratory for blood and urine processing and two examination rooms. The in-house pharmacy allows the storage of trial medication and is supervised by a pharmacist.

Being a commercial CRO, it is located in the area of Kiel University Hospital and cooperates with LKF (Laboratorium für Klinische Forschung GmbH). CRS-Kiel operates to GLP standards and has successfully passed several GCP inspections. Dr. Atef Halabi is the managing director of CRS-Kiel.


In 1992, the unit in Kiel was founded as a private research centre in collaboration with the Clinics for Internal Medicine at Kiel University Hospital. It was made an independent CRO in 1994. Since then, CRS’s Kiel unit has offered all types of clinical Phase I–IIa studies to the global pharmaceutical industry including special patient population studies (e.g. renal/hepatic impairment trials).
In 2000, the unit joined the IKP Group and successfully passed FDA inspection in 2002. Since January 2007, it has operated as CRS-Kiel, a member of CRS.