CRS Clinical Research Services Berlin GmbH

Sellerstrasse 31 | Gebäude P300
13353 Berlin
+49 30 859 949 - 0

CRS Berlin – The CPU specialised in gynaecological trials

CRS-Berlin is located in the heart of Berlin, only a few hundred meters from the central station and the Charité campuses Mitte and Virchow-Klinikum – easily accessible for study participants and customers from Berlin and outside.

The main scope of this unit is on the performance of early phase clinical trials in the area of Women’s Healthcare with women of childbearing potential and postmenopausal women. This especially covers FIM and long-term outpatient studies with challenging PK/PD designs including a broad spectrum of administration routes (oral, dermal, subcutaneous, intravenous, intravaginal, intrauterine) and early clinical trials with special populations such as tubal ligated women. A plurality of established as well as experimental gynaecological methods, eg standard gynaecological examinations, transvaginal ultrasound, vaginal cytology, endometrial biopsy, Insler and Hoogland score, are applied by board certified gynaecologist at our site. Outpatient studies with women of childbearing potential can be conducted either cycle-dependent or with a synchronizing cycle preceding the treatment phase leading to more grouped treatment schedules.

In addition, CRS-Berlin has gained significant expertise in implementing human pharmacological trials with cardiovascular drugs, contrast agents and specialised therapeutics in all common designs. Thus, CRS-Berlin can realize a wide range of study types supported by a database with a diversity of volunteer populations.

Infrastructure & Location

CRS-Berlin is housed in the top floor of an appealing building on the brink of the Bayer site in Berlin. A separate entrance, an automatic access control system and an independent technical infrastructure guarantees for a strict segregation from the circumjacent Bayer facilities.

Owing to the complex floor plan and an intelligent access control system in-house and outpatient clinical trial activities can be spatially separated allowing the simultaneous conduct of several studies without interference. 20 intensive care beds, each equipped with an ECG, SpO2 and vital signs monitoring system, a computerized ECG device and an EDC system, as well as 6 convenient double rooms are available for this purpose. Furthermore, CRS-Berlin comprises several examination rooms, a gynecological unit with two examination chairs as well as various laboratories for immediate blood and urine processing.


The unit was originally established in 1988 as a merger of different therapeutic area specific clinical pharmacology units. In 1993 it moved in its current location that was constructed one year before. As of July 2013 the former Bayer phase I unit continues its work as the newly established CRS Clinical Research Services Berlin GmbH with all its personnel, equipment and experience. Nowadays, Dr. Torben Thomsen is the managing director of CRS-Berlin. The medical director is Dr. Sybille Baumann.